1.7 million drug addicts in Iran, latest figures revea


The number of drug addicts in Iran has soared to 1.7 million – with 3056 people dying from drug abuse in the past year, according to official regime figures.

The age of the youngest drug addicts has also fallen to just 13, reports revealed.

Babak Dinparast, of Iran’s drug fighting headquarters, told the Fars news agency: “Based on recent statistics in 2013, 1.7 million people are drug addicts, and about 10 percent of those are women.

And seven per cent – or 119 cases – of the 3056 people who have died of drug abuse in the past year were also women, Dinparast said.

He added: “Drug fatalities among women and girls is growing more quickly than for men, as women become addicted faster are more prone to suicide.”

It is also thought that the unofficial number of drug addicts may be much higher in the regime, where addiction is becoming a growing social crisis due to drug trafficking gangs linked to the Revolutionary Guards Corps.


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