Persepolis and Reza Shah the Great
respectively, and the unemployment of the stone engravings eyes to test his shooting, target, did not hesitate.
Earlier, in the centuries after Islam, not better, and the Sons of time and neglect were consistently unpopular, and assassinated by Eastern scholars and tourists from Persepolis stones were used for building the nearby village, and columns and pillars for the north shaft grinding stones were used to ward Amir, and one or two of the following Stvnhaysh Atiq Mosque in Shiraz, the Khdaykhanh (middle of building the mosque) was set, the forty-fifty years ago called “boiler Imam Hassan “was called.
Orientalists, it is appropriate to note that several of these topics, refer to:
Herbert Srtmas English in the years 2186 – 2188 Imperial 1627 is equal to 1629 m. (Safavid) Bauer Travel to Persepolis Describing the great monument forgotten that it expressed regret wrote:
“The inhabitants of the regrets of Shiraz, Persepolis and rural MARVDASHT and others do not care for it and do not keep trying.”
Pyrlvyy famous French writer of the book “Towards Esfahan” wrote:
“What secret is that they had in the days of former glory, then I left and abandoned? Why are people in this fertile area and Mosaffa, Ragzardh the sky, and its escape from the settlement? Because the size of its former glory and is collected at the Club, and now the field is over?
* _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ *
Persepolis {} after his coming:
Reza Shah the Great Cyrus knew their heritage of great importance to humanity is the heritage of ancient Iran were allowed. In the years following his orders ruins of Persepolis and trap dirt was renovated and restored. The motion was carried with great archaeologists.Persepolis is drawn. making Mmryn and Persian characters that came from Tehran Bastqbal holiness, and were back at the meeting had the honor Khzvr, said Reza Shah the Great’s palaces, and imagine the glory of rock and the capital of East Frdyryn Ancient, is wondered., but there is no significant residual Bhfazt than usual, it is hard saddened and hurt, and figures of the day such as the Gulf of sound Ismail Ibrahim al-Shirazi and the consistency of the Qashqai will blame etc., which in their region
The photo was taken at the meeting late Farajollah Bahrami row at that time head of the secretariat And Reza Shah the Great Majesty’s attendants were written these words:
“Stated that the wall could not spoil too much of Persepolis. Here’s the basic idea »
Ayransaz king said, I will do everything possible to serve the community and nation.
Iran Iran’s ancient history speaks of splendor and majesty, and glory can be found in the ruins of Persepolis, the free praise and Zm (vilified) are historians. Zt as the ancient kings of Persia taste is found. When I saw the building of Persepolis, I shook it works great. I was super impressed, but I was also pleased that the great kings of Persia ruled that these people have great works of memoriam. National pride and patriotism should be installed in every Iranian Ain. Today is the day to try and act seriously, I would like to take bold steps to the greatness of the nation and not the nationImage


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